Family Proud

Winter/Spring 21 Industry Project


The Team



  • ReactJS
  • React-Native
  • GCP
  • TypeScript

The Project

Andy (Mobile)

  • Implemented a Modal to help regulate overflow on the Resources page
  • Utilized the SendGrid/mail service API to create a dynamic email format
  • Implemented functionality allowing users to add events from their FP calendar to their default calendars
  • Fixed unresponsive Care Map preview panel
  • Replaced previous rn-sliding-up-panel package with new reanimated-bottom sheet package

Tom (Web)

  • Built a search bar for the resources page to allow users to query through several different resources
  • Deleted/edited certain user input fields on the settings page of web app
  • Removed the “invite” route from the left navigation sidebar for the next release of the web application
  • Redesigned the account creation/sign up screen on web app

Jagroop (Web)

  • Implemented a category filter dropdown for Resources page
  • Changed notification toggle options
  • Removed dropdown menu from page headers
  • Created a page for new users

Alexandria (Web)

  • Updated the UI of the resource cards on the resources page to match designs given by the design team
  • Created document listing features of both the web application and the mobile application as well as stating what can’t be carried over from mobile to web
  • Updated the UI of the update password page to match designs given by the design team

Tom, Jagroop, Alexandria (Web)

  • Building a backend serverless function that sends a notification email to FP when the user clicks on a button from the resource card


Presentation Layer

Processing Layer

Data Layer One

Data Layer Two

Takeaways & Challenges



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