Winter/Spring 22 Spark Project


The Team


Yellow: Timeline for Designers, Orange: Timeline for Developers


The Project


Research: Orientation App

  • Students liked meeting new people, learning general info about campus, and how to register for classes
  • Students wished to learn more about UC Davis campus culture (e.g. clubs, student life, extracurriculars, etc.)

Pivoting Ideas

Research & Synthesis: FindAMoo

  • Students enjoy game progression and unlocking new achievements or customizations
  • Students primarily play with friends
  • Students find mobile games convenient and easy to access
  • Daily streaks
  • Daily custom cow
  • Barn collection of cows

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Design System and Cows

Mid-Fidelity User Testing

  1. Users were unclear about the “1 cow a day” rule after using the prototype.
    Solution: We created a tutorial walkthrough of the game's rules and relevant features that pops up after logging in.
  2. Users did not understand how the level system worked.
    Solution: We focused on rewording the explanatory descriptions displayed on various screens.
  3. Users felt there was a lack of customization in the game.
    Originally, we allowed users to choose their avatar by favoriting one of the cows they caught.
    Solution: We created a new feature to allow users to customize their own avatars.

High-Fidelity User Testing

High-Fidelity Prototype: Final User Flows


Stage 1: Backend

  • Cows API
  • Users API
  • Google Maps API
  • Expo Geolocation API
  • React Native Expo Geofencing API
  • MongoDB
  • AWS S3 Bucket for generated cow storage
  • Express.JS

Stage 2: Frontend

  • Login / Account Creation Page: Utilizes Google Authentication API
  • Onboarding / Tutorial Pages
  • Map Page: Utilizes Google Maps API, Expo Geolocation API, React Native Expo Geofencing API
  • Barn Page
  • “Cow Caught” Page
  • Profile Page
  • JavaScript and React Native to display all the elements on the screen
  • Axios for Users and Cows API calls

Challenges & Takeaways

Challenges: Pivoting and prioritizing features

Developer Takeaway: Building out core dependencies first

Designer Takeaway: Don’t overlook UX copywriting

Overall Takeaway: Teamwork makes the difference

The FindAMoo team at Final Presentation Day.




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