Winter/Spring 2022 Spark Project


The Team



The Project


User Research: Surveys

  1. 88.3% of people eat outside 1–4 times a week
  2. The most common way people decided to order food was through group discussion and through the use of an app.
  3. The most used apps to order food were food delivery apps such as Doordash and UberEats.

User Research: Interviews

  1. Groups with one person (individual interview)
  2. Groups with three people (group interview)
  3. Groups with five people (group interview)

User Flow

Low Fidelity


Usability Testing

  • Lack of game understanding
    In the gameplay section, we found that users showed a lot of hesitation in how to interact with the game. To better introduce the usage of the game portion of this app, we added an onboarding session when the gameplay section is clicked on in the navigation bar. Additionally, we extended the countdown timer before each round of the game in order to allow users to spend more time preparing.
  • Group gameplay logistics
    Within the gameplay setup, we found inconsistencies in the game data shown. Users have the ability to add as many players as they would like in the game by sending each player a code to join. However, there was no way to see how many players were in the game. This was solved by adding a waiting screen that showed who was being added to the game and previous game data including the number of players who participated.
  • Home page carousel and filters
    The placement of the home page carousel was changed after user testing and receiving feedback from our PM. We changed the carousel so it seemed more like a scrollable element by adjustin where each carousel item starts on the screen. Originally, they were hugging the left side of the screen, but now they have different start and end points to further accentuate the carousel effect.
    Lastly, filters were implemented with the features we inferred from our data and synthesis: Distance, Price, and the use of Yelp’s API in order to create tags and categories for the restaurants. We decided to use Yelp’s API as we wanted to use filters that people were already familiar with.

Final Designs: Login and Home Page

Final Designs: Game Play

Final Designs: Profile Page


Software Architecture

Google Authentication

Caching System

Unit Testing

Screen Connecting

User Interface

Takeaways & Challenges

Challenge: Time Constraints

Challenge: Google Authentication

Challenge: API Work

Challenge: Communication

Takeaway: Cross-Functional Environment

Next Steps

Home Page Features

D-U-N-S Number

Extra Features




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